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Meerut Microsystems an ISO 9001:2008 certified company was founded in the year 1983 by a Professional electronics engineer with over forty years of field experience-out of which thirty was in tire industries.

The company’s core strength was its ability to innovate with readily available resources and develop products and services that carried value for money. During that period several tire majors were opening shop in the country and the company shifted to its entire operation to cater to this industry and within a short span of time had established itself as a reputed manufacturer of special tire equipments

Today the company is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals in the field of engineering, science, commerce and finance who are fully abreast of all the modern trends in the industry. It has an enviable customer list that includes most of the European, American and Japanese tire manufacturers of repute and exports its products to several countries in the world.

The fortunes of the company are intricately interwoven with the fortunes of the tire industry; which over the years has been continuously assimilating advances in science and technology to upgrade itself. It is the vision of this company to keep step in this march towards excellence.


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