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Past Present And Future

Meerut Microsystems was founded in the year 1983 in the industrial township of Meerut situated 65 Kms. from New Delhi - The Capital of India.

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Initially the company started producing a range of proximity switches, encoders, IR sensors and several similar products
which was in short supply in the country. In course of time the company shifted its entire operations to the service of the tire industry.
To cater to this industry the company started developing and manufacturing specialized equipment like dancing roller control systems for cooling lines, Dosing and process monitoring systems in mixing section, stretch indicators and recorders for fabric treatment units, spotting controllers for tire building machines and length measuring systems for thread and bias cutters etc. as required by the industry.

The importance of accurately positioning tire components on a tire building drum while a tire was being built was gradually gaining currency among most tire majors around the world and it was during this period that the company took up the challenge of designing and developing a low cost optical line marker that can match the performance of American and West European line projectors that either used projection bulbs or special bulbs with single line filaments.

Using the low cost automobile halogen head lamp bulbs the company came up with its first range of line projectors. This major technological innovation was not only accepted by the industry but it was also a source of inspiration to most of the company’s competitors who grabbed the idea and developed their own versions of line projectors with
impunity. Most line projectors in that era were single beam types and the company was one among the first few to forecast the requirement of line projectors that could project more than one line from a single source of light. Thus the company’s Tri, Penta and Hepta beam line projectors came into being and ruled the Indian market and some export market as well for well over the next ten years with great

Taking advantage of the advances in science and technology the company graduated to the next level and introduced their new range of line generators based on lasers. Dedicated development efforts both within the company and at the laser components manufacturers factory abroad enhanced the reliability of lasers which were initially adjudged fragile for operation in the hostile environmental conditions found inside most tire plants.

The process of manufacturing tires was evolving into a complex technology. To keep in step with this trend it was necessary to upgrade and diversify into new areas. The company therefore established their computer hardware and software facility for developing embedded control systems that were increasingly finding use in tire machinery.

Among the first product to be developed using this technology was the Computerized Automatic Laser Alignment system. Most alignment systems currently available in the market are PLC based but the company’s current CLG range of alignment systems are built around the easily available off the shelf PCs operating on familiar operating systems like
Windows or Linux. The company will be supporting a dedicated website specially designed and maintained for effective and efficient customer support. This website will not only contain installation, operating and maintenance instructions for all the company’s products it will also host powerful diagnostic service engines that can be activated by the customer himself from any part of the globe by logging into the website and connecting the equipment in question directly to these service
engines. These diagnostic and service engines are capable of accessing all the operating parameters of a company’s product through the net and compare them against original design parameters and provide effective solutions automatically or through human interactive exercise between the customer’s engineer and the company’s specialist. Customers from any part of the globe are therefore assured of uninterrupted technical support for all the company’s
products. A range of Oscillating Disc Rheometers, Real Time Data Processing and Monitoring SCADA systems for tire curing presses and tire building machines etc. are in an advanced stage of development and are projected to be launched in the near future.










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